A downloadable game for Windows

Three life forms want to survive on malfunctioning spaceship drifting in deep space.

How to play

Pass through 8 levels, follow the quests, get some loot to keep your HP and energy level high, solve puzzles to unlock the doors. You have to save lifes of the colonists, Kate (your wife) and Flowey (your wife's favorite plant).

The game's genre is: TBS, quest, puzzle, roguelite.


No mouse support for now, only keyboard: [WASD] to move, [ENTER] to use ITTy (a handheld teleporting tool).

Additional details

Basically, to interact with the objects you need just to move in their direction (to loot corpses, to use PCs, to get quests, etc.).

ITTy works in two ways: one [ENTER] hit -- the target object will be teleported into ITTy and you can carry it; second [ENTER] hit -- ITTy puts the object back to the floor. You can carry only one object at a time. Maximum ITTy's range is 4 steps/cells.

A game by Undrev. Follow me on Twitter.


threenitty102.zip 7 MB

Install instructions

Download, un-zip the package to a folder on your hdd and run start.bat.

Development log


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